Abbey Theatre Club - (charity Registration) in Scotland (SC018057)
Our next production will be

Fatal Attraction

By Bernard Slade
Produced by Heather Osborne

Actress Blair Griffin is on the cusp of divorce with her soon to be ex Morgan Richards. However, Blair has more plans in store than just dividing their possessions. What she didn’t count on was Lieutenant Gus Braden landing the case. Will he be able to untangle her web of deceit?

Production Dates: 
21st February – 3rd March 2017

Tickets cost £8 each are available from the Bookings section of this website.

Please Note: Online booking is only available for a limited time. If tickets are not available from our bookings section, you can still get tickets at Visit Scotland Information Center,
Arbroath or by calling them on 01241 872 609