Abbey Theatre Club - (charity Registration) in Scotland (SC018057)

The Abbey Theatre has a membership of over 60 people, and currently charges £10 a year to join (this is subject to change at the AGM). 

Our members take care of all aspects of running the theatre, both on and off stage. Whether you want to be the star of the show, or prefer to hide in the background, we have a variety of jobs for everyone, with most members wearing more than one hat! 

Production Based Jobs include: Actors, Producers, Stage Managers, Prompters, Lighting Operators, Sound Operators   

Behind the Scenes Jobs include: Set Builders, Painters, Costumers   Front of House Duties Include: Box Office, Ushers, Programme Sellers, Raffle Ticket Sellers, Tea/Coffee Poures, Cleaners   Occasionally, we also require choreographers, musicians and musical directors. 

New members are always welcome! Pop into the Theatre, and ask any member for an application form, download a membership form, or contact us below! 
Please note that you must be 16 to join The Abbey Theatre, however those under 16 are welcome to join the Youth Group.

If Interested in joining the theatre, please fill out the form below. We aim to respond ASAP.

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